Cheapest Way to See Los Angeles (LA)

Downtown Los Angeles Posted on: 28th November 2017

How to Plan a Vacation in Los Angeles on a Budget?

Visiting Los Angeles for the first time can be daunting, but it can prove even more unnerving when you are on budget. Nothing is difficult, though! All you have to do is read, follow, research – do some homework and plan well. In this post we will point out the paths that will help you in planning a fabulous vacation in LA without feeling ripped off. Not only budget goals, believe us when we say that – you will be able to meet your vacation goals too, and that too spot on!

First And Foremost save money while shopping for the flight. You have many options when it comes to choosing the airport.

There are many flight comparison websites on the web; some of the best are Kayak, Momondo, Google Flights, Adioso and Expedia. Usually Kayak is best when it comes to the lowest prices.

It is always wise to book months in advance; it increases your chance of landing a cream of a deal at the cheapest possible rate. Booking in Off-season means that rates are low and variety is humongous!

Now how to start; first subscribe the website(s) for notifications so that you can get access to their cheapest offers; so make sure you are keeping at least a week in buffer before actually going for the booking.

Make sure your notifications are or economy class; for why pay more when you don’t have to?

Make a flight booking for a round-trip; one-way is usually expensive.

If the direct flight to LA is too expensive, leave it; find a nearby airport which is not that important – its flight will be comparatively cheaper.

Go for the flight which offers more luggage; however, also don’t just buy anything, note that if you are buying things, make sure that they are at least not available in your country of residence.

Where to Eat in LA within Budget?

There are many guides on the Internet where you can compare and research the places where you could find the best variety at relatively cheaper rates.

Two such sources are Los Angeles Magazine – where you will be able to compare restaurants by price and cuisine – Essential Guide to Los Angeles restaurants.

Make sure that you don’t eat at the hotel, it would prove quite expensive; prefer street food.

Where to stay in la on a budget?

Finding the best place to stay is the most crucial thing. It all depends on what you want to cover! if you want to discover more of city attractions, try to get a place which is within the city. But if you like quiet and peace, and hidden gems or off-the-beaten-track are more of your thing, a place on the outskirts will be a good choice; however, in that case, having a means of transport at hand like a rental car becomes essential for easy commuting.

Trivago,, Agoda and are some of the websites that you can use to find that perfect lodging in LA. Just like majority of hotels a B&B is also good, as in that case you don’t have to buy breakfast. Hostels are also a good and cheap option!!

It is advised that you use the websites which are not that well-known; get their quotes and get to save more. For cheaper rooms, book in that neighborhood which is not that popular and if possible go for city outskirts. If your hotel bill covers facilities which you don’t need, ask the representative to remove them. If you are fine with hostels, they come quiet cheap.

Getting Around in LA


Research transportation and make sure that you have the list of the attractions – which you want to visit- and mark them on a map. Research how best you can reach these places; a rental car is a great option especially if you are planning a road trip from LA. Try to avoid vehicles in areas where a lot of traffic is observed though.

If you really have a lot of time, then only go for public transport, if not, it is better that you plan it with a rental car. And make sure that you are renting a car from a place which is not that popular; rental rates at such a location are low. Avoid one-way rentals and if you don’t have much luggage, better go for cars like minis; it will save you a lot of money!

Avoid the 405

If you are planning to drive your rented vehicle, avoid the Interstate 405 at all costs!! It is always choked with traffic, so try to find another route to your destination.

Go for Free Things and if possible buy a ‘Go Los Angeles’ card!!

From beaches to Hollywood and other top attractions like the Getty Museum, Venice Beach or the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the best experiences in Los Angeles fall in the free things category. So plan your day well, and if the things you want to do are not free, buy a Go Los Angeles card!

Go cards can be bought in advance and they get activated when you first use it! Valid upto 7 days, they are cheap and are helpful in providing access to dozens of local attractions.

Other passes: Besides that you can also buy Southern California CityPass; it also provides free access to tons of attractions, especially those which are related with Hollywood.