The Top 10 Food Cities in the US

chicago Posted on: 8th September 2017

As we all know that food is the basic necessity for the living but nowadays food has become a different realm, desire, hobby and lifeline for food lovers. Usually, most of the people prefer to eat hygiene, healthy and tasty food. No one wants to do any type of compromise when it comes to food, especially the food lovers. Here we are going to talk about the top 10 food cities in the USA that will surely help food lovers to select next eating destination with available lots of varieties in food and drinks.

1. Chicago

Chicago is a home place for more than 40 famed chefs who have won James Beard award and that’s why this city is a food center. This city is also the main supplier of meat in the nation and you will get inventiveness with food items like boast hot dogs, Italian beef and deep-dish pizza that make food more delicious and enjoyable.

2. Miami

Earlier this place was famed for only pool parties and night DJ clubs but now this place has emerged as a unique destination for dining on the shores of Miami Beach. You will get here classic Cuban coffee, croquettes, Cubanos, gastronomy, barbeque and famed Tampa cuisine.


3. Los Angeles

The Best place where you can easily find diversity in cuisines and one can enjoy delicious food from top restaurants to street food trucks which are serving almost everything from loaded hot dogs, Italian food, raw fish, Rice, Gourmet quinoa bowls and barbecue to sushi burrito.


4. Washington, D.C.

Washington, Place of 200+ successful restaurants having many cuisines, many styles which make this place amazing food destination for all. This city is best for fast food, craft beer, and cocktail lovers.


5. San Francisco

San Francisco is a true paradise for foodies where you can find a lot of eating options from Chinese food to sea food. There is always something new to eat and don’t forget to relish classic food items such as bread bowls, crab Louis, and Ghiradelli chocolate.


6. Seattle

Seattle city is not only famed for good cuisines but for successful start-ups business like Microsoft and Amazon, the Space Needle and Starbucks also. From the variety of local food items, one can easily find world class cuisines like Mexican, Indian, Italian, Teriyaki, and pho.


7. Pittsburgh

The city which has given us Heinz Catch-up is also a popular food destination surrounded by 4500+ restaurants where vibrant food culture is suddenly brewing. Here are few famed restaurants in Pittsburgh like Avenue B, Cure, Pork and Beans, Dinette, legume and spoon that you can add to your wish list to enjoy different cuisines.


8. Charleston

Charleston is a small city in South Carolina, having a number of restaurants, mainly famed for its sea food cuisines. This place is best for sea food lovers. Here people celebrate their culture with food and follow traditional cooking recipes.


9. New Orleans

New Orleans is the hub of a variety of foods like Creole, Cajun, Vietnamese, African, Irish, German, Italian and Haitian food. Here food brings people together and chefs are very friendly with their customers that will make your meal special and memorable.


10. Nashville

This city is not only famous for its music but for food also. The exception about its cuisine is its fusion of different cooking methods. Dishes like hot chicken, caked in a cayenne paste, fried in cast-iron pans and that is accompanied by other dishes such as meatloaf, fried steak, okra, mashed potatoes and more.


While traveling to your favorite food destination, a rental car is the best option for transit to make journey more comfortable and enjoyable.