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Overwhelming landscapes

Traverse Washington in a car rental and explore the state in its full glory; it is full of nature and hosts large landscapes, notably west of the Cascade Range. In this coastal region with a humid climate, there are some of the oldest forests in the world, the Olympic Peninsula, and the Hoh Rain Forest. In the east, where it is warmer, semi-desert plateaus rise, the population is more dispersed there.

The Cascades Range is punctuated by many summits such as the Rainier Mountains, Adams, Saint Helens, Stuart and the Glacier Peak. On the highlands are grown wheat and corn. On the coast, summers are mild and the winters cool and rainy. To the east of the Cascades, the summers are hot and dry, and the winters sometimes very cold. Snowfalls are frequent throughout the Cascades region.

Three National Parks

Washington State alone owns three national parks (Mount Rainier National Park, North Cascades National Park, Olympic National Park) and many national forests. And since these national parks are huge, if you would like to explore them, we advise that you should plan it with a car rental. The Mount Rainier National Park is known for the beauty of its impressive Strato volcano, the famous Mount Rainier, at an altitude of 4000 meters. Overlooking the Cascades range, it is very imposing and attracts the hiker. The park contains a total of 1000 plant species and an equally impressive fauna.

The North Cascades National Park, located in the northern part of the Cascades range, is renowned for its variety of mountainous landscapes. The park is home to more than 500 lakes including Lake Chelan, one of the deepest in the United States. Note that the poetry of these landscapes has inspired the legendary poet Jack Kerouac.

The Olympic National Park, a few kilometers from the city of Seattle, is famous for its forests, mountains, and coasts. The mountains of the Olympic mountains hold its no of Mount “Olympe”, the highest point of the region. Unesco awarded the park the title “Biosphere Reserve” in 1976. There are many outdoor activities: hiking, horseback riding, cycling, and canoeing, exploring the fauna and flora. The Methow Valley, located to the north of the state, is home to more than 25,000 deer. And if you prefer sea animals, board aboard one of the many boats offering excursions to meet the whales.

The Alternative Rock City

The sandy beach of Alki Beach and its many sports centers are truly unique. Everyone knows the Space Needle, this futuristic tower with flying saucer airs that appears in many films and series shot in this photogenic city. The Pike Place Market is also often seen as an opportunity to explore an open-air market while walking along the shore of Elliott Bay. Every summer in June and July, the summer is celebrated by Seattle’s Sea Fair.

The paradise of outdoor

Urban city growth-oriented arts and culture, Tacoma has the advantage of being located at the foot of Mount Rainier. Surrounded by a verdant natural setting, Olympia, the capital, offers outdoor activities in summer and winter.

Teenagers love Forks, the little town that owes its reputation to the Twilight saga and its stories of vampires and giant wolves. Teens love meanwhile Forks, the little town that owes its reputation to the Twilight saga and its stories of vampires and giant wolves.

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